Best Practices for Saving Beached Whales

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wo separate pods of pilot whales have gotten beached on Icelandic shores this summer, RÚV reports, leading experts to apprise locals of how best they can respond to such situations. Marine biologist Edda Elísabet Magnúsdóttir says that such beachings are becoming a yearly occurrence—an indirect result of warming ocean temperatures—and likely happening when whales pursue […]

Mass Whale Rescue in Reykjanes

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A second mass whale stranding in three weeks occurred Friday on Southwest Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula. The stranding happened on the rocky coast of Garður, the northernmost town of the peninsula, after  50 to 70 pilot whales were spotted close to shore near high tide.  >> read more …

New Sub-species of Pilot Whale Identified in Pacific Ocean

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Short-finned pilot whales are found over a wide swath of the world’s oceans, with habitats in the Indian, and Pacific, and North Atlantic oceans. Despite this wide distribution, the whales have been recognized as a single species—but a recent study has found that two unique subspecies actually exist. The study published June 3, 2019, in Molecular Ecology. >> […]