The carbon storage potential of the great whales means they are worth millions to humanity

The concept of natural carbon sinks is satisfyingly simple: the vegetation and animals that inhabit our terrestrial and marine biomes draw carbon from the atmosphere for use in their tissues. Great whales (including blue, humpback and sperm whales, among others), are so prodigious that they sequester millions of tonnes of carbon each year – an … Meer lezen

Het walvissenkoor

Op de website de NOAA kan je luisteren naar de zang van verschillende soorten walvissen die in de Golf van Alaska voorkomen >> luister …

Swimming with whales

The Indian Ocean is home to one of the most diverse whale populations in the world – as many as 18 species live there. And no one can get you closer to these hauntingly mysterious creatures than American wildlife photographer Patrick Dykstra. Correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti joined Dykstra as they went swimming with whales in the waters off Sri Lanka.

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Whale watching in Japan is on the rise, even as commercial hunts are set to resume

The Japanese, it seems, are becoming more interested in watching whales than eating them. Researchers at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), an animal welfare and conservation organization based in Massachusetts, have been tracking the numbers, which they’ve shared exclusively with National Geographic ahead of a global whale watching report they plan to publish … Meer lezen

Whales are dying in California ship collisions

Ten whale deaths were attributed to ship strikes in 2018 — the highest number on record in California since NOAA Fisheries began tracking in 1982. The mortality rate represents an enormous increase from the average 3.4 ship strike victims recorded annually in the five previous years. >> lees verder …

Herkenning walvissen

Walvissen zijn te herkennen aan hun unieke uiterlijke kenmerken. Wereldwijd wordt daarom in databanken beeldmateriaal opgeslagen waarop de rugvin of het staartblad van een walvis goed in beeld is.

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Whales Are Facing a Crisis

As one of only a few mammals whose entire existence is in the water, whales hold a unique position both within the animal kingdom and as a part of human life. Sitting at the top of the food chain, whales play a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance that ensures the world’s oceans remain … Meer lezen

Bultrug voor Scheveningen is een oude bekende

Scheveningen, 9 november 2018 – De Bultrug voor Scheveningen is hetzelfde dier dat eerder voor Texel zwom. Dit blijkt uit vergelijking van de foto’s van de onderstaart. Help jij mee met het identificeren van individuele walvissen(van deze Scheveningse Bultrug maar natuurlijk ook van andere walvis waarnemingen waar ook er wereld) door uw eigen staart en/of rugvin foto’s … Meer lezen