Walrus in the Isles of Scilly

As many of you will know, a walrus has been present in the Isles of Scilly since mid-June, an exceptional first record of this species here. Unfortunately, his presence in a commercial harbour within an island community is posing huge risks, first to himself, and to livelihoods but potentially human safety. He may prevent emergency … Meer lezen

Walrus is duidelijk het spoor bijster

De Ierse walrus die vorige week lag uit te rusten in La Rochelle, heeft de Golf van Biskaje overgestoken. Volgens een betrouwbare bron vertoeft hij nu ruim 200km zuidelijker in het Spaanse Bilbao.

Walrus in Wales: How did Wally end up in Tenby?

What on earth is an Arctic walrus doing relaxing on the west Wales coast? The Pembrokeshire resort of Tenby, where Wally is currently basking, is about 1,000 miles (1,600km) away from where he should be. >> read more …