Dolphins adapt to survive invasive coastal constructions

Bottlenose dolphins learn to cope with coastal construction activities. That is the conclusion of a study published in Frontiers in Marine Science. The study is the first to provide a longitudinal perspective on the cumulative impacts of coastal construction. Dolphins adapted to the construction of a bridge by establishing feeding locations outside of the construction zone, … Meer lezen

Tuimelaar voor Katwijk

Katwijk, 26 december 2020 – Op verscheen de melding van een Tuimelaar voor Katwijk. Het dier zwom achter de branding en kon door de waarnemer slechts éénmalig goed geobserveerd worden.

Why do some dolphins choose human company and what should we learn

‘Fungie has gone missing’, ‘Danny the dolphin believed dead’ – both October headlines announcing the departure of much–loved ‘solitary dolphins’. With these two well-known characters gone, I thought I’d take the opportunity to celebrate their lives and explore the phenomenon of the ‘solitary dolphin’. Why do some dolphins seem to choose to live without dolphin … Meer lezen