Whales dive deep for profitable prey

‘Reconstruction of deep-sea squid communities reveals profitable hunting zones for extreme-diving whales.’ An international research team has investigated why dolphins and whales perform record-breaking dives to several kilometres deep. For the first time they were able to match hunting behaviour to the prey present in the hunting zones. The study of researchers from the Netherlands … Meer lezen

Risso’s dolphin washes up in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth (UK), 11 may 2018 – A dolphin pod had been observed off Great Yarmouth on Friday, the coastguard said on social media. HM Coastguard Gorleston said it believed the creature, found on Great Yarmouth South Beach, was a Risso’s dolphin. Photo: HM Coastguard Gorleston

Zeldzame Risso’s dolfijn op strand Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire, 14 december 2015 – op Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire werd een dode Risso’s dolfijn (syn. gramper, grijze dolfijn) gevonden. Het is uiterst zeldzaam dat deze soort in onze streken voorkomt vermits zij normalerwijze in warmere waters vertoeven. >>Lees verder … foto credits: CSIP