Skelet van potvis Valentijn wordt bot per bot in elkaar gezet

Wetenschappers van de Universiteit van Gent zijn bezig met de reconstructie van het skelet van potvis Valentijn. De potvis spoelde in 1989 aan op het strand van Oostduinkerke. Eind volgend jaar moet het skelet een van de blikvangers worden in het nieuwe visserijmuseum. >> lees verder …

Towards Understanding the Communication in Sperm Whales

Machine learning has been advancing dramatically over the past decade. Most strides are human-based applications due to the availability of large-scale datasets, however, opportunities are ripe to apply this technology to more deeply understand non-human communication. Sperm whales, with their highly-developed neuroanatomical features, cognitive abilities, social structures, and discrete click-based encoding make for an excellent … Meer lezen

Meet Kim, the first ‘Israeli’ whale

Researchers from Israel’s leading school of marine sciences have spotted a surprising guest last month off the country’s shores — a massive sperm whale. This great leviathan of the deep, who was previously unknown to the scientific community, has become the first whale to have been cataloged in Israeli territorial water, buying it the moniker … Meer lezen

Beached whale dies

The whale that beached on Fonte da Telha beach, Almada, Setúbal district, died at 9:30pm last night and, at this moment, operations are underway to remove the animal. >> read more …

Concern for 13m-long whale in Shetland shallow water

Conservationists fear a 13m-long (45ft) sperm whale will strand and die in shallow water in Shetland. The animal is a deep-diving species thought to have drifted in from its usual deep sea habitat about 50 miles (80km) west of the islands. >> read more …