Sperm whales are totally unique

Sperm whales are totally unique. Colossal giants of the deep, their presence commands a reverent awe. They possess the largest brain in the animal kingdom and spend much of their lives in the light-starved depths of the oceans hunting prey. >> read more …

Pooping Gold? The Valuable Secret of the Sperm Whale

It is a solid, waxy, greyish substance that smells: Ambergris, is also known as sperm whale vomit (or poop). It has often been described as one of the world’s strangest natural occurrences. You may have heard about it for its use in the production of perfumes and fragrances. >> read more …

How to Dive Like a Sperm Whale

Sperm whales are fascinating individuals with impressive deep-diving capabilities. Their whole anatomy is cleverly designed for diving for long periods of time which can be for an average of 45 minutes all the way up to two hours!

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Potvis in Thames

Kent(UK), 31 februari 2020 – Uit observaties door British Divers Marine Life Rescue blijkt de potvis nog steeds in het Thames estuarium rond te dobberen. Alhoewel hij al eens bij laagwater aan de grond liep, is hij nog niet gestrand.

photo credits: British Divers Marine Life Rescue

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