Levende Orka Orkney eilanden

Een bijzondere stranding en reddingsactie op 4 januari in de Baai van Newark, vlakbij het eiland Sanday dat behoort tot de Schotse Orkney eilanden groep. Lokale bewoners meldde aan hulpverlenersorganisatie British Divers Marine Life Rescue dat er een levend gestrande dolfijn was aangetroffen.

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Orka’s die boten aanvielen waren aan het spelen

Met vette koppen lazen we enkele maanden geleden dat orka’s voor de Spaanse en Portugese kust schepen aanvielen. De indruk werd gewekt dat het om gevaarlijke en agressieve dieren ging, maar niets blijkt minder waar: de nog jonge orka’s waren vermoedelijk alleen maar aan het spelen. >> lees verder …

Inside the killer whale matriarchy

Pods of killer whales inhabit the waters of every major ocean on Earth. Each family is able to survive thanks mainly to one member, its most knowledgeable hunter: the grandmother. These matriarchs can live 80 years or more and their expertise can mean the difference between life and death for their families. Darren Croft details … Meer lezen

Tragic tale of the UK orcas facing extinction

If you watched David Attenborough’s Extinction: The Facts, you’ll have heard the tragic account of the group of orcas known as the West Coast Community. They face almost certain extinction because of human chemical pollution. >> read more …

Why do female orcas live so long after they stop having babies?

Did you know that orcas are one of only five species known to experience menopause? And that females can live for many decades after their last calf? The only other mammals who exhibit this are short-finned pilot whales, belugas, narwhals and humans. >> lees verder …

Time and tide – orca seasons around the British Isles

The world feels very strange for most of us as we adjust to a new normal with altered routines and a different way of living. So it’s reassuring to hear reports that some traditions continue to the beat of more ancient, natural rhythms. Let’s explore the seasonal patterns of the little known orca groups of … Meer lezen

The Navy is seeking authority to take up to 51 whales

The U.S. Navy recently applied for exemption under the Marine Mammal Protection Act for the “incidental take” of marine mammals, in order to carry out training and testing activities in the Pacific Northwest. If approved, such activities would directly impact the endangered Southern Resident killer whales while traveling through or foraging in the Navy’s area … Meer lezen

The COVID-19 Slowdown’s Effect on Killer Whales

Although it is a large-scale human tragedy, the COVID-19 pandemic also presents some researchers with an unprecedented opportunity to see how nature responds when human activity slows. This question is especially important for whales. >> read more …