WDC joins group legal action to force protection for endangered North Atlantic right whales

Conservation groups in the US, including WDC have sued the National Marine Fisheries Service (the US federal agency responsible for the stewardship of national marine resources) for failing to respond to two rule making petitions to protect critically endangered right whales from being run over and killed by ships and boats in US waters. >> … Meer lezen

Biologists Celebrate the Births of Two Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Calves

Earlier this year, North Atlantic right whales were officially listed as critically endangered, and recent estimates put their population at a staggering 366 individuals. But it looks like these gentle giants will be ending the year on a high note as two newborns were recently spotted off the coasts of Georgia and Florida, reports Elinor … Meer lezen

Peck by Peck, Seabirds Are Eating Live Whales

Seabirds are skilled opportunists, commonly flocking to fishing boats to scavenge on scraps thrown overboard. Now, researchers have documented one large, notoriously aggressive species exploiting fishing operations in an unusual way—by taking bites out of the whales they attract. >> read more …

Seismic blasting efforts halted in Atlantic Ocean

A status conference on seismic litigation revealed today the industry will not pursue efforts to employ seismic blasting to search the Atlantic Ocean for offshore petroleum deposits this year, and possibly for several years. >> read more …

First right whale calf born in 2019-2020 reported dead

On June 25, NOAA Fisheries Service received a report of a North Atlantic right whale carcass floating off the coast of New Jersey. [US]. The whale has been identified as the calf of Catalog #3560. An evaluation of the calf’s wounds during necropsy show the 7-month old, male right whale was injured by at least two separate vessel collisions.

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Flying low and slow over endangered whales

Christin Khan is a fishery biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at its Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She embraces risk above the Atlantic Ocean to monitor a rare species. >> read more …

Entangled right whale found near death off Nantucket

Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spotted Dragon, a 19-year-old whale who has given birth three times, while conducting an aerial survey about 45 miles south of Nantucket Monday. Dragon will likely die from her condition in the coming months, researchers said >> read more …

North Atlantic Right Whales Spotted off East Coast

North Atlantic right whale migration is underway! As of December 2, biologists have five confirmed sightings of potential right whale moms. The first right whale of the 2019-2020 season was spotted Saturday, November 23, six miles off Jacksonville, Florida. The whale, known to biologists as “Harmonia” is a 19-year-old female. According to scientists, she last … Meer lezen

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Releases 2019 Report Card

In November, the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) held its annual conference in Portland, ME. More than 300 researchers, managers, conservationists, students, and educators gathered to hear updates on the status of the species, management efforts in both the United States and Canada, new research initiatives, and to discuss necessary next steps in moving … Meer lezen