WDC joins group legal action to force protection for endangered North Atlantic right whales

Conservation groups in the US, including WDC have sued the National Marine Fisheries Service (the US federal agency responsible for the stewardship of national marine resources) for failing to respond to two rule making petitions to protect critically endangered right whales from being run over and killed by ships and boats in US waters. >> … Meer lezen

Biologists Celebrate the Births of Two Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Calves

Earlier this year, North Atlantic right whales were officially listed as critically endangered, and recent estimates put their population at a staggering 366 individuals. But it looks like these gentle giants will be ending the year on a high note as two newborns were recently spotted off the coasts of Georgia and Florida, reports Elinor … Meer lezen

Peck by Peck, Seabirds Are Eating Live Whales

Seabirds are skilled opportunists, commonly flocking to fishing boats to scavenge on scraps thrown overboard. Now, researchers have documented one large, notoriously aggressive species exploiting fishing operations in an unusual way—by taking bites out of the whales they attract. >> read more …