New Sub-species of Pilot Whale Identified in Pacific Ocean

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Short-finned pilot whales are found over a wide swath of the world’s oceans, with habitats in the Indian, and Pacific, and North Atlantic oceans. Despite this wide distribution, the whales have been recognized as a single species—but a recent study has found that two unique subspecies actually exist. The study published June 3, 2019, in Molecular Ecology. >> […]

Concern over 30 whales off Orkney

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Concerns have been raised about two pods of pilot whales in Orkney which are in danger of beaching themselves. The two groups are off the islands of Stronsay and Sanday and are being closely monitored in case they need help.. >> read more …

105 Grienden gedood op Faerëer

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Vandaag werden 105 Grienden gedood in Sandavágur, een dorp in het zuidoosten van het eiland Vágar dat behoort tot de Faeröer eilanden groep. De traditionele jacht op dolfijnen door de bevolking van de Faeröer eilanden wordt ook wel Grind/Grindadráp genoemd en gaat ondanks wereldwijd protest nog steeds onveranderd door. De slachting van vandaag is de […]

Update on pilot whale mass stranding near Fife

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Fife – Friday 7th December 2018, 10:00 – Sadly, the fourth whale that was being monitored by our team became stranded on the shore at Torryburn during Thursday afternoon. It was also in a poor state of health by this stage and again a decision had to be made by the veterinarians to put it to […]