Pilot whales, the parrots of the ocean

Long finned pilot whales sometimes travel in groups of over 100 individuals, and are capable of some of the most complex communication in the animal kingdom, but just how much are these oceanic giants capable of saying?

What was it like to be in the rescue team at the Tasmania pilot whale stranding?

Dr Maddie Brasier is a marine biologist at the University of Tasmania and member of the Wildcare Tasmania Whale Rescue Volunteer First Response Team having been trained in whale rescue by Parks and Wildlife Tasmania. She’s also a WDC supporter and has been selling her beautiful knitted whale hats on etsy to raise money for … Meer lezen

Nine stranded pilot whales die in Spain

Nine short-finned pilot whales died stranded on a beach on the northern Spain coast, the regional government said on Tuesday. Local authorities and residents managed to help others back to sea. >> read more …