Why whales flee from sonar—sometimes to their death

When naval ships and other sea vessels use sonar, many whale species flee for their lives; some even strand themselves on beaches in a desperate attempt to escape. Now, scientists have discovered the most likely reason: The loud sounds trigger the same fear response as when the animals hear calls emitted by one of their … Meer lezen

Zeker 29 walvissen gestorven voor Nieuw-Zeelandse kust

Zeker 29 walvissen die donderdag voor de kust van Nieuw-Zeeland werden ontdekt bij een berucht strand, bleken vrijdag te zijn gestorven. Reddingswerkers proberen vijf nog levende dieren naar dieper water te helpen, maar een woordvoerder vreest dat ook deze walvissen weinig kans maken. >> lees verder …

Reports of possible mass whale stranding at Farewell Spit

Whale rescuers have been alerted to a possible mass stranding on Farewell Spit in Golden Bay. Project Jonah General manager Daren Grover​ said they first heard about it at 7pm on Thursday, but due to the remote location they were still working to get someone out there to assess the situation. >> read more …

Pilot whales, the parrots of the ocean

Long finned pilot whales sometimes travel in groups of over 100 individuals, and are capable of some of the most complex communication in the animal kingdom, but just how much are these oceanic giants capable of saying?