Review of Scientific Knowledge of the Ganges river dolphin

This report is produced by WWF as one of the key deliverables for the World Bank ‘Global Best Practicesfor Effective and Sustainable Conservation of the Ganges River Dolphin’ project. This is a technicalreport intended to provide a review of the current level of scientific knowledge of Ganges river dolphinand identification and prioritization of the key … Meer lezen

Gangetic dolphins found in Bihar’s Mahananda river

A population of endangered Gangetic river dolphins has been found for the first time in the Mahananda river, a tributary of the Ganga, in Bihar’s Kishanganj district. A team of scientists from Vikramshila Biodiversity Research and Education Centre (VBREC) of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, spotted the 14 Gangetic river dolphins during a survey. >> read … Meer lezen

Endangered dolphins disappearing from river in Bangladesh

A population of one of the world’s most endangered dolphins is under serious threat in the Halda River, Bangladesh. In the four month period up to February, 17 South Asian river dolphins (also known as the Ganges River dolphin) died in the river and experts are now calling for their home to be declared a sanctuary and proper … Meer lezen