The weird little whales that hide within a cloud of their gut fluid

One of the most bizarre defense mechanisms among mammals is found in the two exant members of the genus Kogia, the pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) and the dwarf sperm whale (Kogia sima). This dolphin-sized relatives of the enormous sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) evolved a method to confuse predators which is…well… special. >> read more … Meer lezen

Different species of rare whale washed up on same beach on same day

Caithness (Schotland), 1 December 2016 – EXPERTS are investigating after two different species of rare whale were washed up near the same town on the same day. Locals found a Sowerby’s beaked whale on Dunnet Beach near Thurso, Caithness, on Thursday morning. Later the same day the carcass of a bloodied Pygmy sperm whale was … Meer lezen

Dwergpotvis dood teruggevonden

Newborough, 26 november 2014 – De dwergpotvis die op 20 november op Newborough Beach in Wales strandde – zie melding – , werd vandaag dood teruggevonden niet ver van de plaats waar hij strandde. bron: UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Program

Zeer zeldzame dwergpotvis op Welshe kust

Newborough, 20 november 2014 – De British Divers Marine Life Rescue kreeg melding van een levend gestrande bruinvis. Bij aankomst bleke het te gaan om een zeer zeldzame dwergpotvis. >> Lees verder …