Beluga swimming off the coast of Seattle

There’s a big white whale swimming off the coast of Seattle, and no one knows why. Over the past week, people in the greater Seattle area have spotted the white whale swimming around Puget Sound. The wayward cetacean — a beluga — is normally found in Arctic and subarctic waters. >> read more of lees … Meer lezen

Microplastics in beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) prey: An exploratory assessment of trophic transfer in the Beaufort Sea

We investigated microplastic ingestion and transfer within the Beaufort Sea Beluga whale food web. Using five fish species key to the Beluga whale diet we found microplastics ingestion in one in five of the animals. Microplastics were dominated by synthetic fibers, consistent with the Beluga whale contamination trends in our recent study. >> read more … Meer lezen

Beluga whales are not always white

Beluga whales are one of the most iconic whales found in Canadian waters. But did you know that these whales are not always white? Belugas are born slate grey and can remain this colour for up to eight years. Watch this video to learn more and check out our Marine Life Encyclopedia to discover more of the amazing animals found along Canada’s coasts.

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Like humans, beluga whales form social networks beyond family ties

A groundbreaking study is the first to analyze the relationship between group behaviors, group type, group dynamics, and kinship of beluga whales in 10 locations across the Arctic. Results show that not only do beluga whales regularly interact with close kin, including close maternal kin, they also frequently associate with more distantly related and unrelated … Meer lezen