Russen bevrijden zeehond van vishaken

Russische reddingswerkers hebben zaterdag een zeehond van twee vishaken bevrijd. Ook wisten ze de visdraad waarin het dier verstrikt zat te verwijderen. De zeehond bleek niet ernstig gewond en verplaatste zichzelf snel weer terug de zee in. >> bekijk de reportage …

Empty promises: The European Union is failing to protect dolphins and porpoises from fisheries by‐catch

By-catch is the primary global conservation threat to populations of dolphins and porpoises. Despite protection for these protected species under its Habitats Directive, the European Union (EU) has failed to adequately assess and, where necessary, mitigate the by-catch of small cetaceans. Management authority is diffuse, and the EU has no over-arching, quantitative conservation objectives. >> … Meer lezen

Supertrawlers or static nets – what is killing all the dolphins? Why we need to see the whole picture

You’ve probably come across ‘supertrawlers’ in the news or in the film Seaspiracy which has made these industrial ocean behemoths a hot topic on social media. Supertrawlers are the largest fishing vessels at more than 80 metres in length. They can be more nomadic than smaller vessels, often fishing for several weeks at a time … Meer lezen