Whale Evolution: From Land to Sea

Explore the museum’s rich collection of prehistoric whale specimens in a 3D immersive environment accessible anywhere, any time! This virtual gallery unites information and fossils that are spread across museum exhibits, with a bit of additional information, to tell the story of how whales evolved from ancient land mammals into the water-adapted creatures we know … Meer lezen

Why did the whale go back into the water?

Whales are the largest animals of ALL TIME… At one stage of their evolutionary history, they lived on land! In this new series, palaeontologist Ben Francischelli will be documenting this remarkable step-wise transition to the water… but the first question that needs to be answered: Why did the whale go back into the water?

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Dolphins and whales separately evolved the same speedy swimming bones

A 24-million-year-old fossil of a giant tusked dolphin lacks several features common to modern dolphins and baleen whales. The discovery shows that the common ancestor of dolphins and whales lacked these features, meaning the same adaptations for swimming must have evolved independently in both lineages. >> read more … image credits: By PaleoGeekSquared – Own … Meer lezen