Inside look at Seal Rescue Ireland

Here is a behind the scenes peek at Sagan’s intake. Whenever we take in a sick, injured or orphaned seal pup, they are weighed and examined on arrival to determine if they have any illnesses, injuries or underlying health issues. This helps our animal care team to develop the best treatment plan for their recovery.

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Pupdate Seal Rescue Ireland

As the first leaves of autumn blow in, little pups in their fluffy winter coats begin to appear on Irish coastlines. It is still early in the Grey Seal pupping season but we are preparing for a busy crossover! At the moment we have 27 residents at the centre. Here is a brief update on all of our current seals.

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Monthly newsletter Seal Rescue Ireland

Did you know Seal Rescue Ireland has a monthly Newsletter PACKED full of PUPdates on all our seals, information about our events, fundraisers and research programs and other current events happening at the centre! You can sign up with the click of a button and stay up to date with our latest news! >> Read … Meer lezen

Vrijlating door Seal Rescue Ireland

Some beautiful footage of Saturday’s release of Geranium, Sneezeweed and Sage bouncing back to the sea! Unfortunately our camera was having technical issues and we missed capturing Buttonweed and Nettle in this video, but thankfully the live stream taken on the day features their release too.

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