Saving dolphins with rubber whales

Life-size rubber dolphins and whales have been used for training new marine medics. Charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) will be able to call on the volunteers to help dolphins, porpoises, whales and seals found injured or stranded along a stretch of the north west Highland coast. >> read more …

White-beaked dolphin calf on Orkney beach

On Saturday 22nd January 2022, BDMLR were alerted to what was reported to be a live stranded harbour porpoise on the beach in Scapa, Orkney. Unfortunately, before our Marine Mammal Medics arrived, the animal had been refloated by well-meaning members of the public, and on arrival our medics sadly found the animal floating listlessly in the water where it appeared to have drowned.

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Walrus in the Isles of Scilly

As many of you will know, a walrus has been present in the Isles of Scilly since mid-June, an exceptional first record of this species here. Unfortunately, his presence in a commercial harbour within an island community is posing huge risks, first to himself, and to livelihoods but potentially human safety. He may prevent emergency … Meer lezen