Whale sharks team up to hunt with other predators in rare video

Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, spend much of their time swimming slowly, swallowing mass quantities of tiny creatures such as krill, as befits such a colossal filter-feeder. But this portrait is incomplete—the giants have more complex hunting habits than previously thought. >> read more …

Pakistaanse vissers redden 110 walvishaaien

Sinds de start van de samenwerking tussen Pakistaanse vissers en WWF-Pakistan in 2012, zijn in totaal 110 walvishaaien veilig vrijgelaten door getrainde vissers. En dat is best een hele prestatie als je weet dat dit de grootste vissoort op aarde is. De dieren worden wel 12 meter lang! >> lees verder …

Rare basking shark live stranding in Yorkshire.

On the evening of Thursday 23rd July, a basking shark stranded alive on Filey beach, Yorkshire and was reported to the BDMLR hotline. The call came in at about 6pm, alerting the charity to what was initially thought to be a live stranded whale. Medics were urgently mobilised to the scene, and on arrival discovered a large crowd of people assisting a large basking shark stuck in the shallows.

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Whale Shark Rescue Caught On Film

There aren’t many ocean-dwelling creatures as majestic as the Whale Shark. These beautiful whale sharks are known as the largest fish in the sea (growing upwards of 40+ feet long), the move slowly and feed mostly on plankton, macroalgae, and small larvae, and they have a lifespan of approximately 70 years. However, that isn’t the case when a … Lees meer