7 pups van grijze zeehond bij Seal Rescue Ireland

Seal Rescue Ireland has 7 new grey seal pups in our care. Meet Asteroid, Neptune, Capella, Celestial, Crater, Styx & Kari!

Asteroid was found on Ballymoney beach, Co. Wexford by Sean F and was admitted to our centre on the 13th of November. When he was first brought in, he was quiet but responsive. He had already moulted his lanugo, meaning he was approximately 4-6 weeks old. During his admittance exam, several small wounds were found, one on each hind flipper, on the abdomen, on the right side of his muzzle and the chin. He was emaciated and congested. He was placed on a diet of fish soup to get his weight up and has already begun free feeding on fish. He was given medication, and a eucalyptus steam to improve his breathing. He received treatment for his wounds, and due to the number of injuries, he also received a series of healing baths to ensure his wounds were thoroughly clean. Asteroid has moved into a kennel now and has enjoyed being able to stretch his flippers in the larger space. Thank you to his transporters Jeshua T and Krysten M (SRI).
Asteroid is one of our Christmas seals and is available for adoption on our website here: https://www.sealrescueireland.org/pro…/christmas-adoption/

Neptune was brought in to us on the 15th of November. She was very underweight at just 10.4kgs. She was suffering from malnourishment and dehydration. Her eyes were quite crusty as a result of the dehydration and were treated with eye drops. Neptune is recovering quickly. She began free-feeding very rapidly and has moved in with her new roommate, Crater. Thank you to Andrew Q for helping to transport Neptune to our centre.

Capella was brought into our centre on the 15th of November. She was found at Seafield pier in Quilty, Co. Clare. During her intake examination, we discovered that she was congested, emaciated and had several injuries, the most notable being a large gash over her right eye. She also had a swollen left back flipper which our animal care team suspected was a break. After receiving an x-ray, her flipper was confirmed to be broken. She will remain on fish soup with occasional free feeds to get her weight up and will spend a prolonged period in our ICU’s until her flipper has had sufficient time to heal. Hopefully, she will make a speedy recovery so she can progress to the kennels and enjoy more independence. Thank you to her finder James P for reporting her to us and to Mary S, Frisell T and Fionn T for helping to transport her.

Celestial was found on North Beach in Portersrock, Co. Arklow on the 16th of November. When approached by one of our trained volunteers, he was quite lethargic. On arrival, Celestial was found to be very dehydrated and emaciated with a small cut on his right front flipper and his head. He was given a series of healing baths to keep his wounds clean. Celestial was initially fed a mix of fish soup and electrolytes but quickly graduated to free-feeding while he was still in the ICU. He has since moved to the kennels where he has developed a name for himself for his insatiable appetite! Thank you to the finder Thomas K for reporting him! If you wish to follow Celestials story, he is one of our Christmas seals up for adoption on our website here: https://www.sealrescueireland.org/product/christmas-adoption/

Crater was found on Garylucas Beach in Kinsale, Co. Cork on the 18th of November. He had surfaced on a very busy beach and was visibly skinny and sluggish. While being transported Crater was quite quiet. Upon arriving at our centre Crater was given a full examination where we discovered that the left side of his muzzle was slightly swollen and he had a small wound under his lip, he also had a slight swelling on his right back flipper. He received wound care and medication to treat any parasites and despite his calm state during transport Crater was quite active and alert during his intake. Crater has already moved to the kennels where he has begun getting to know his roommate Neptune. Thank you to Tommy for reporting him to us, to Grainne for monitoring and lifting him, and to luke, Julia B, Pia N and Nicola C. for transporting him!

Styx was found at Roberts Cove, Co. cork. Styx had found himself in a dangerous location as he had moved quite close to the main road. He was both coughing and sneezing on site and had several visible injuries. He was lifted and brought to our centre where his wounds could be examined. He was found to have small wounds on his left back flipper, left hip and right shoulder with more profound injuries on his left front flipper and nose. Styx has regained a lot of energy since his arrival. Styx is receiving healing baths to keep his injuries clean, and medication to help fight any respiratory issues he may have! Thank you to Serena and Garda Brian for reporting him to us, Pia N and Nicola C for transporting him as well as Gilabbey Vets for holding him overnight for us!

Kari was discovered in Three Castle Head, Crookhaven, Co. Cork by Joanne L on the 06th of December. Upon examination, he was found to be underweight with injuries on his right shoulder, lower back and chin. He was wheezing and congested with some nasal discharge. He is receiving fish soup with medication for his congestion and wound care. Kari has settled in really well with his new kennel mate Styx and has no problem sharing his heat. Styx likes to rest his head on Karis back flippers, and two are happy in each others company. Thank you to his finder Joanne L and his transporters Phyllida W, Alice C, Julia, Maria C, Aisling (Waterford Animal Rescue) and Clara L.