Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme: stranding report for October.

Inverness, November 3th 2016 – Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme had more reports than September with only 51 stranding reports, these comprised 32 seals, 19 cetaceans.

We had 21 reports of grey seals, mostly pups, but a number of adults too. Nine from the east coast, six from Orkney, Three from the Western Isles (Harris), Two from Shetland and one from the west coast. None were recovered for necropsy. There were three reports of a harbour seals, all from the east coast. Two animals were recovered and are pending necropsy. There were a further eight seals that were too decomposed or data deficient for speciation, six from the east coast, one from the west coast and one from the Western Isles (Harris).

There were 19 cetacean stranding reports which is an increase on the number reported in September, these comprised of five species. The most commonly reported cetacean this month was the harbour porpoise with twelve being reported. Four from the East coast, Four from the Western Isles (Lewis), three from the west coast and one from Orkney. Two animals were recovered for necropsy. Thanks to Ewan Edwards and Corinne Gordon for help with the recovery of both.

The next most commonly reported cetacean was minke whale with two reported one from Shetland floating at sea and one from the Kintyre peninsula, this latter animal had lesions around the tail consistent with entanglement in creel lines, Thanks to Karl Hurd for getting the photos.

There was a white-beaked dolphin found on Orkney. This was recovered for necropsy with the help of BDMLR, thanks to Marc Herridge and David Wakefield. A single Common dolphin was recovered for necropsy from near South Queensferry, Thanks to Matt Barnes and Oana Racu for help with the recovery. A Risso’s dolphin was reported from Orkney.

There were two other cetaceans reported to us that were either data deficient or too decomposed for identification, both from the east coast.

bron: Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme