Maandverslag februari Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme

Iverness, 2 maart 2016 – The Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme in Iverness publiceerden hun maandverslag voor februari 2016. In vergelijking met januari met 79 strandingen, was februari met 53 strandingen redelijk rustig.

It was not as busy a month as January with 53 stranding reports compared to 79, comprising 23 seals and 30 cetaceans.

We had 16 reports were grey seals most of these were white coat pups or weaners. Most of these were reported from Orkney with 11 reports. There were also reports from both East and West coasts and the Western Isles (Harris). There was just one report of a harbour seal, from Orkney. There were a further six seals that were too decomposed or data deficient for speciation, two from the East coast, two from the West coast and two from Orkney.

There was also a rare sighting of a Harp seal on Lewis this month, the animal appeared to be moulting and was monitored by BDMLR before disappearing.

There were 30 cetacean stranding reports which is slightly more than January, these comprised of five species. The most commonly reported species was the Harbour porpoise with 16 animals. There were six from the West coast and 10 from the East coast. Five were recovered for necropsy, all from the East coast, four from Aberdeenshire and one from Highland.

Short-beaked common dolphins were the next most commonly found cetaceans with five reports, from the West coast and one from Orkney. None were suitable for necropsy though one was sampled by a volunteer. There were also two reports of long-fined pilot whales one from the Western isles (South Uist), the other from Kintyre and both very decomposed. Two striped dolphins were reported to us one was found on the Western Isles (Lewis) and the other from Mull neither were suitable for necropsy. There were five other cetaceans reported to us in February that were either too decomposed or data deficient for identification, three from the East coast, one from the West and one from the Western Isles (Lewis). We also had Risso’s dolphin found in the Moray Firth that turned out to be one of the two animals that live stranded in the Beauly Firth in January.