Dode bultrug op Schotse eiland Barra

Barra, 1 maart 2016 – The Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme maakt melding van een dode bultrug op het Schotse eiland Barra welk deel uitmaakt van de Buiten-Hebriden. Het kadaver verkeerde al in een verregaande staat van ontbinding, bovendien maakte de locatie een post-mortemonderzoek quasi onmogelijk.

Nevertheless thanks to some really helpful people on site we were able to say this is a juvenile male individual in a relatively thin condition, and we were able to establish the likely cause of death. The animal showed the classic entanglement mark on the tail fluke and around the tail flock, lesions that are commonly observed in Minke whales.

There have been 21 strandings of humpback whales recorded in the UK since 2001. Entanglement is the most commonly recorded cause of death recorded for Minke whales in Scottish waters, and has been observed in several humpback whales and other species as well, including the Killer whale that stranded on Tiree earlier this year. Nevertheless the exact numbers and scale at which entanglement occurs are unknown, making it challenging to quantify the issue and its impact on a population level.

bron: The Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme