Groene zeeschildpad op Welshe kust

Wales, 7 december 2015 – A green turtle (Chelonia mydas, national reference T2015/28) was found dead stranded at Porthmadog in Gwynedd, Wales yesterday. The approximately 25cm long turtle was thought to have possibly initially stranded alive, given its very fresh condition.

The body of the turtle was recovered from the beach by Gwynedd Maritime Services and then taken to RSPCA Colwyn Bay for storage prior to pickup and transport for post-mortem examination by the CSIP.

This is only the eighth recorded stranding of this species for the UK and Republic of Ireland since 1748 and is the first ever recorded stranding of this species in Wales (data courtesy Marine Environmental Monitoring, the UK and Republic of Ireland co-ordinator for marine turtle strandings).

Many thanks to Malcolm Humpfreys (Gwynedd Maritime Services) and Mike Pugh (RSPCA) for their much appreciated help with the recovery of the body.

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Images credit Mike Pugh