Eerste grijze zeehonden geboren in Ierland

Rosslare, 13 september 2015 – Bij Seal Rescue Ireland hebben ze hun 1e grijze zeehond van dit jaar binnen. Het gaat om een pup van 2 tot 3 weken oud.

Meet Hercules! Our first grey seal pup of the season!!!

Hercules was found on Sunday 13th September on Helen’s Beach, Rosslare, Co. Wexford. He was found by Theresa Heffernan and transported by Tina and Mel to the centre. Big thank you’s all round! smile-emoticon

It was obvious that Hercules HAD been cared for well by his mother as he had not lost too much condition weighing in at 18kg, several kilograms over birth weight. But he must have been separated some time ago as he is approximately 2 – 2.5 weeks old and therefore should be heavier, and also is suffering from a respiratory infection, an old eye injury and wounds all over his body.

Thankfully the wounds are mostly superficial… We have him on antibiotics to treat them and his respiratory infection, and as for his eye, though he is on special eye drops, it appears that it has already scarred so he will be left with a white spot on his eye. This shouldn’t affect his vision thankfully.

Hercules had also been eating sand, a common behaviour when pups become so hungry they will suckle anything in an attempt to get nourishment.
So we are having to flush him through with regular fluids every 4 hours to rid him of the sand which is not a very comfortable process on the way out! Hopefully he was not ingesting sand for too long to cause impaction.

He is already improving, looking much brighter today after a few good night rests in a warm cosy enclosure and some TLC. We have also started him today on a diluted fish soup to start getting some much needed nutrition into him.

It’s always a shock to the system with the first grey after the quiet little harbour seals. Hercules likes to make a LOT of noise!!! We’ll try to get some video footage to post soon.

If you would like to help Hercules through his rehabilitation, we would be very appreciative if you would like to sponsor him through a token adoption: