Zeehonden met ‘kurkentrekker’verwondingen

A draft report to Scottish Government was published this week by the Sea Mammal Research Unit, with co-authorship by the Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (part of the CSIP consortium).

The report describes direct observations of adult grey seal predation on grey seal pups on the Isle of May in Scotland. The bodies of the seals that were retrieved for necropsy bore pathology that was remarkably similar to that seen in seals bearing characteristic ‘corkscrew’ or spiral type injuries, which have been found in various locations around the UK over the last few years. Consequently, this new evidence suggests that in at least a significant number of cases, these unusual injuries are more likely to be the result of predation by grey seals rather than interaction with boat propellers, as had been previously thought.

bron: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Research-into-seal-deaths-1597.aspx
rapport: http://www.smru.st-and.ac.uk/documents/2173.pdf