Autopsieverslag dwergpotvis

28 november 2014 – Vandaag werd het autopsieverslag van de dwergpotvis die woensdag op Newborough Beach in Wales dood werd teruggevonden – zie melding.

A CSIP team from ZSL and MEM carried out a field necropsy yesterday on the 238cm juvenile male pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps, national referenceSW2014/435), which was found dead stranded at Dinas Dinlle in Gwynedd on 25th November.

The whale was considered to be in moderate nutritional condition and apart from relatively light burdens of parasites at various sites, no significant pathological lesions were found. There was no evidence of recent feeding, although numerous cephalopod beaks and a single fish otolith (ear bone) were found within the stomachs. A large piece of plastic was found in the second stomach (possibly the remains of a plastic bag), although this was not considered to be causal of the animal’s death. Marine debris ingestion has also been found in other stranded individuals examined elsewhere in the world and it is possible that this species may be prone to ingestion of floating litter due to its feeding ecology.

Follow up tests are pending and this may affect the decision on a cause of death- final results will be posted at a later date.

As previously mentioned, this is only the 11th pygmy sperm whale to be recorded stranded in the UK in nearly 25 years. Little is known about this deep diving species (as with many other deep diving cetaceans) and there is much uncertainty about their distribution, population size and about the threats they may face.

bron: Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme- UK strandings