Dode griend in Britse Blackwaterrivier

20 november 2014 – nabij het Britse plaatsje Goldhanger aan de Blackwaterrivier, werd een dode griend gevonden.

The body of a juvenile female long-finned pilot whale was found near Goldhanger in the river Blackwater earlier today. The photos of the whale indicate that it appears to be in poor nutritional condition and would have been compromised to some degree. BDMLR marine mammal medics are attempting to recover the body from the stranding location. If successful, a CSIP team from ZSL will retrieve the body tomorrow and conduct a necropsy- results will be posted shortly. 

The rest of the pod of whales appear to have moved out of the Blackwater river where they have been for the last few days, but are apparently still in the surrounding vicinity. There is still felt to be some risk to the group whilst they remain in proximity to the shore and we would reiterate BDMLR advice and ask that people keep clear of the pod of whales, to avoid any potential risk of triggering an aversive response.