Eerste grijze zeehonden geboren

foto: Seal Rescue Ireland
foto: Seal Rescue Ireland

Courtown Harbour (IR), 22 september 2014 – In onze streken worden de pups van de grijze zeehond tijdens de wintermaanden van november tot januari.

In Ierland worden reeds nu al de eerste grijze zeehondenpups geboren.


These two beautiful girls are both grey seal pups of only around a week of age.

Oyster the smaller of the pair at only 10kg was found at Oysterhaven, Co. Cork on 17th September. Alone, emaciated and cold, the pup had clearly been separated from her mother and was in serious need of help. Big thank you to those involved with Oyster’s rescue and transport (Judy, Jennifer, Simon & Geraldine).

Oyster had swallowed sand and required days of fluids to flush her out, but she is now doing quite well thankfully, though she still has a long way to go.

Sandy was rescued yesterday (21st September) at Seaview near Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. Another orphan pup that was dehydrated and underweight. Big thank you to Joey and family for assisting with rescue. She is a real fighter and is getting stronger by the day!

bron en foto’s: Seal Rescue Ireland

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