Zweden opent de jacht op zeehonden

foto: EHBZ ZuidWest
foto: EHBZ ZuidWest

In Nederland worden zeehonden geknuffeld en beschermd, maar de Zweden gaan er anders mee om. Daar vinden ze de zeehonden lastpakken die alle vis opeten. De Zweedse regering onderzoekt zelfs of de zeehondenjacht kan worden uitgebreid. Correspondent Rolien Créton ging kijken bij de cursus zeehondenjagen.

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Van Jan Hillarp uit Zweden kregen we volgende reactie:

We have had seal hunting for about 10 years now. I have been working against it within Animal Welfare Sweden and at all my lectures about seals, but the Swedish Hunters Association is one of our strongest lobbying organizations in the country and they are working for an open season on seals together with the fishermen´s association. Our commune has decided not to allow seal hunting on communal water. The bag this year for harbour seals are 50 and for grey seals almost 300. Last year they shot half the quota.

The Dutch harbour seal found dead at Falsterbo – Öresund side – was either shot in Denmark or poached in Sweden. I don´t think it came with the current from the Kungsbacka area 300 km away in less than one week.

Get your politicians in the EU to work against trade in sealproducts. Also convince them that the trade with seal products from the Baltic is unsafe due to high levels of dioxins, mercury, DDTand PCB, though the levels are going down for the last three, and bromated antiflaming chemicals, which are rising.

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