Dwergpotvis op Britse kust


Banff (UK), 6 september 2013 – A 2.07m juvenile/subadult female pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps, live stranded and died on the beach at Banff, Aberdeenshire on 6th September.


A CSIP team from Scottish Rural College (www.strandings.org/) conducted the post-mortem examination and the cause of death has been provisionally given as live stranding, pending follow up histopathology.

Pygmy sperm whales are a deep diving species, normally sighted in waters off the outer continental shelf. However, most records and information on this species come from stranded animals and because of the lack of sightings data, accurate assessments of global abundance are uncertain. The potential threats it faces are also poorly understood (www.iucnredlist.org/details/11047/0). This is the 5th record of this species stranding in Scotland since the inception of the CSIP in 1990 and only the 9th for the UK as a whole.

Image credit CSIP/SRUC