Noordkaper op zee verdoofd

image002Florida, 11 maart 2009 – Voor de eerste keer in de geschiedenis werd een noordkaper op volle zee verdoofd om zomaar eventjes 180 meter koord te verwijderen.

This whale was first spotted entangled in ropes off Georgia on Jan. 14, the National Marine Fisheries Service said in a statement. Georgia officials took a boat out to remove 560 feet of trailing rope and attach a tracking buoy, and teams made four more attempts over the next six weeks to remove the remaining rope, which appeared to be from commercial fishing operations.

“The animal proved to be very evasive, making it difficult for the teams to approach the whale to cut the entangling ropes,” the agency stated. That’s when officials decided to try to sedate the whale, which by then was near Ponce Inlet, south of Daytona Beach, Fla.

“After a sedation team successfully administered sedatives to the whale on March 6, the disentanglement team was able to safely approach the severely injured right whale to remove an additional 380 feet of rope,” the agency said.

The agency said its experts and those at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution confirmed it was “the first time in worldwide history a free-swimming large whale was successfully sedated in the wild.”

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melding: Jan Haelters, BMM